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Brunch Served 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

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Kick Ass Duke – Tenacious I.P.A. – 7.5% ABV


Sometimes you need the best of both worlds. 


This beer combines Brewmeister’s favorite hop, Simcoe, with the dominant hop in Zero Day IPA, Chinook, to form a synergy of bitter, piney, and pungent flavors and aromas.  Light caramel malts and wheat malts give robustness while an addition of cane sugar thins out the overwhelming mouthfeel.  Notes of plum, grape, and dragonfruit.


There was once a kingdom with two kings, Rage Kage and Jack Black, that was built on the rubble of City Hall.  But one of them was deceived.  He was forced into the title of Duke, a Kick Ass Duke.  Sadly, both died from poisoning each other.

Daddy Warbucks – 7.0 % ABV – Caramel Ale


Brewed with mostly wheat malt and a little brown sugar, this rich and generous beer will whisk you away from the orphanage of your life.  Very little hop character and notes of cotton candy and sweet European biscuits.

Faramir’s Quality – Quality Ale (patersbier) – 3.5% ABV – 110 calories per 12 oz.


A very light ale filled with flavor and brewed very simply with only pilsner barley and a single Hallertau hop addition for bittering.  I used a giant scoop of the yeast from a Rocky’s batch which gives it all its flavor.  This is the original beer.  It’s kinda like beer flavored seltzer water in a good way!





“A chance for Faramir, captain of Gondor, to show his quality. I think not. I trust this mission only to your brother [Boromir]. The one who will not fail me.”

Special Brews

Available now for a limited time -

updated 8.16.2019

Brewmeister Kinkade jammin' with New Tribe

* Coral'brew - Light Beer - 4.5% Refreshing and easy to drink, this ale is our "local domestic".

* Guildbrew Pale Ale- 6.2% Brewmeister Kinkade's favorite style of ale, named for the space that houses Boot 'n Flute Brewery.  This refreshing, easy drinking ale has a hoppy start and a clean finish.

* Horse Thief Wheat- 5% Amber Wheat. The Kinkade family was know for horse thievery in tales of the old west.  And when you're stealing another man's horse, you need a light, crisp ale to quench your thirst and make it to your hideout. 

* Bird's Toasted Brown- 7.5% Brown Ale. Named for Brewmeister Kinkade's musical idol, Charlie Parker, whose nickname is Bird. This dark brown ale is smooth and nutty, with a distinct toasted coconut aroma. 

* Omnibook  Imperial Cocoa Stout- 9.0% Named after the Charlie Parker Omnibook, a collection of transcribed, improvised solos by the Bird. This pitch-black ale is rich and complex, balancing malt, chocolate, and hops in a romance of sweet and bitter.

* ZerØ Day IPA- 7.5% India Pale Ale. On the Appalachian Trail, a day without hiking any miles was known as a zero day.  This strongly hopped ale is paired with a robust maltiness to inspire the zero day within all of us. 

* Rocky's Favorite Belgian- 7.5% Belgian Ale - Brewmeister Kinkade's brother, Jon, is known as "Rocky" on the Appalachian Trail.  Brewed with oats, barley, and wheat, this velvety Belgian is a luscious ale with a delicate finish. 

Beer Menu

These beers are always on tap

Trail Boss

Morticia, My Love - F.U.I.P.A. - 9.0%ABV

Yours Cruelly,

Brewmeister Kinkade

Dry Land is a Myth - Wet I.P.A.


Coming Soon


In 2012, Brewmeister Kinkade and his brother, Jon, hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.  He took with him a pair of boots and his flute, both of which he repaired along the way.  Jon remarked sarcastically, "when you get back you should open up a business called Boot 'n Flute Repair Shop." Little did Jon know that his flippant suggestion would become a reality.  However, here at Boot 'n Flute Brewery we don't repair anything, we drink beer. 

Boot 'n Flute 



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